Nomad Collective

All of our jewellery is manufactured ethically and sustainably.
We care about our people. All employees are registered with health insurance and pensions, receive fair wages, are provided with housing and company financed child care.

The Nomad Collective is an Adelaide based label consciously creating ethically and sustainably made jewellery for those who love to wander.
The Nomad Collective started out as an accessory label wanting to share a love of global treasures. As we dove deeper into what it means to manufacture jewellery, we learnt a lot about the impacts precious metal mining can have on both the environment and also the communities in which the mining takes place.
We quickly realised we not only wanted to produce beautiful jewellery, but more importantly sustainably and ethically made jewellery. Creating our pieces from recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced gold helps to minimize our footprint on the environment and surrounding communities. All our pieces are made to a high standard in small batches encouraging conscious consumption.

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