Crescent Aroma Oil 30ml



Artemis natural aroma oil.

Bergamot, citrus, grapefruit, peach, lychee, rose, vanilla, patchouli and cedarwood.


Premium essential oil blend creates the fresh and floral aroma of a garden in the late afternoon. First, there’s a hint of grapefruit and spicy-zesty bergamot, used by Italians to offer a sense of soothing calm. It’s delicate, enlivening. We balance stirring middle notes of feminine peach with hints of lychee and rose. Then musky and sweet patchouli offers a grounding base.


The peace of a garden in the late afternoon. Cascading arcs from a watering can imbue a freshness, as liquid catches light in rainbow fragments. A bee hums, fatly dipping into flower after flower. Each bloom perfumes the air with a subtle difference as you walk, like the sky’s changing shades as daylight fades.

How to use

Recommend to use with Luna Water less Diffuser and/or Lander Car Diffuser.

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