Earthshine Aroma Oil 30ml



Artemis natural aroma oil.

Sandalwood, raspberry, herbal and cocoa pod.


Warm, woody and down-to-earth. A welcoming aroma crafted from pure essential oils. To comfort in cold weather, or add an accent of spice in the summer months. Widely thought to help the mind unwind. Sandalwood’s soothing scent has been used to aid meditation for centuries. A touch of natural herbal wildness and the rich, roundness of cocoa sets a centering mood.


You’re sitting in meditation. With each deeper inhale and exhale, your breathing starts to slow. Slowly but surely, your mental fog dissipates, like sunlight filtering through wisps of cloud. With this new clarity of thought you notice a deep well of calmness. A soft, indigo blue. Quiet. Still. Supported by the ground beneath you.

How to use

Recommend to use with Luna Water less Diffuser and/or Lander Car Diffuser.

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