Wicks and Stones Crystal Soy Candle



Our heart of Hayman candle is inspired by the picturesque beaches of the Hayman Island, this fresh blend of coconut, lime and elderflower will have you daydreaming of your toes in the sand. Embedded with an amethyst crystal, it aids in motivation, encouraging you to turn your dreams into reality.

Cleanse your space with HOWLITE- To Inspire Calm, Balance and Contentment

BREATHE IN- Australian Elderflower, Coconut and Fresh Lime.

Top: Neroli + Fresh Lime

Middle: Coconuts

Base: Elderflower

Shine bright for 60+ hours- burn time

Keep it real with 100% soy wax, eco-friendly wooden wicks, premium blended fragrance, essential oils and zero paraffins.

Hand poured with love and light on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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