Renaissance Chain Earrings


Our Renaissance Chain Earrings feature renaissance charms inspired by Michelangelo’s design of St Peter’s Basilica. The first charm dangles off the front ball stud by a cable chain while the second dangles off the butterfly backing on a longer cable chain. Each of the charms feature a small rose quartz stone in the centre. Rose quartz has powerful healing properties known for unconditional love and peace; it helps to attract love. These earrings have been crafted by artisans using closed loop production processes. All sterling silver used is recycled and our manufacturing process is certified to meet global ethical standards. To ensure the highest quality our pieces are handmade in small batches.

The earrings have a 5.5cm drop from the top of the earring to the base of the charm. The diameter of each charm is 0.7cm. The earrings are handmade from recycled 925 sterling silver with a matte finish and features rose quartz stones.

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