Salacia Earrings



The Salacia Earrings in gold each have a small round pendant hanging off a small twisted hoop. The pendant depicts a picture of the sea goddess Salacia. Salacia, wife of King Neptune, is worshipped as the goddess of salt water and the female divinity. She rides through the seas in her pearl shell chariot driven by dolphins and seahorses. The earrings have a hinged hoop clasp, are light weight and sit comfortably in the ear. They have a thick 18K gold plating on top of a recycled 925 sterling silver base.

These earrings have been handmade by artisans to the highest quality using closed loop production processes. All sterling silver used is recycled and the gold used for plating is sustainably and ethically sourced. Our manufacturing process is certified to meet global ethical standards.

The earrings have a 3cm drop from the top of the hoop to the base of the earring. The pendant and hoop both have a width of 1.5cm. Each pair has a combined weight of 5 grams.

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