Sorella Fucsia Beaded Necklace


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This necklace has been lovingly crafted in our Adelaide studio. All our pendants are made from sustainably and ethically sourced 18K gold with a 925 recycled sterling silver base. The pendant hangs in the centre of a silk hand strung necklace, 40cm in length with a combination of Heishi Howlite crystal beads, fresh water pearls and 24K gold vermeil beads and findings. Due to the nature of the natural pearls, crystal and stone beads each necklace varies slightly in colour and size, making them just like us, unique and individual! This coin shows the powerhouse sisters Zoe and Theodora who jointly reigned the Byzantine Empire between 1042-1055 AD. Also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire the Byzantine capitol Constantinople was a combination of both western and eastern culture. Each sister is symbolised in their own coloured Crystal Howlite beads- One fuchsia the other terracotta.

Our manufacturing process is certified to meet global ethical standards. To ensure the highest quality and minimal impact on the environment all of our pieces are made in small batches, encouraging conscious consumption.

18k gold vermeil pendant with a matte finish and a recycled 925 sterling silver base.
24K gold findings
24K gold beads
Fresh water pearls
Heishi Howlite crystal beads
Hand strung on silk thread
Hand made in our Adelaide studio

This beaded necklace roughly 40cm in length. The pendant has a diameter of 2cm.

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