Tide Aroma Oil 30ml



Artemis natural aroma oil.

Aroma essential oils of bluebell, clove, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose hip, ambergris and amber.


To evoke the quietude of an uninterrupted Spring morning. The uplifting aroma of bluebells fluttering in dappled light, crafted from pure essential oils. Jasmine, known for its sweet, romantic energy, is thought to calm the central nervous system. Made for Australia, this pure essential oil blend, brings Lily of the Valley green, lemony floral notes, rounded by the spicy, honeyed decadence of Amber. Balanced just like the sweet earth, tender shoot and blooming, curled-edged flowers of a bluebell.


Grounded freshness. Like deciding to take off your shoes, and stroll through dew-laden woodland, full of bluebells. It’s one of those early midsummer dawns, where nature hardly stopped to sleep before it’s awake again. Beyond the inky, cool shadows the beating sun beckons just out of reach. The flowers begin to unfurl their delicate petals, an outstretched, open welcome. The spicy-sweet earth is full of promise.

How to use

Recommend to use with Luna Water less Diffuser and/or Lander Car Diffuser.

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